A shirt is considered to be an all time wearable clothing option for men. No matter what the occasion is, they can ensemble a shirt irrespective of it. In recent years, the trend of custom shirts has increased to a huge level and more and more people are opting for the custom dress shirts rather than going for the readymade branded shirts. There are a lot of points that need to be kept in mind while selecting a custom shirt. Similarly, these points also contribute in adding to the list of reasons that have been attracting people on a constant level towards them.

In earlier years, the fabric that was commonly used for designing a Mens Custom Dress Shirts included the options like cotton, silk and wool. There was a strong inclination towards the natural threads and clothes made by them. But now, a lot of other materials have also come in the picture and are being preferred by the tailors who make the custom men’s shirts. Cotton blend, linen, rayon, polyester, polyester blend, etc are some of the common materials that have been introduced to the men’s fashion recently. It has also been seen that the materials that are made out of the synthetic fiber are often cheaper in comparison to the natural fiber and thence the shirts made in these materials are often cheap in its overall price. Depending upon the occasion, the amount of money people are willing to invest and the wear ability, the choice of the material is made by the designers of the Custom Made Dress Shirts.

The next thing that contributes to the styling of the men’s dress shirt is its color. Drawing an impression of people becomes very easy with the help of wearing colors that look perfect. It has often been seen that men who are a little older in age like to play it safe with the regular and shuttle colors like white, black, blue, etc. But these days, men do not hesitate in wearing red, yellow orange and all sorts of bright colored clothes. Depending upon this choice, the selection can be made easily.

Experimenting with the collar is becoming a great trend these days. The Chinese collar, wide collars, Windsor collars, detachable collars, etc are considered to be suitable for great looks these days. Similarly there are a lot of options available in terms of the cuffs as well that can be experimented with. The fitting of the shirt is another thing that can style it up differently. The regular fit, the slim fit or the baggy look is something that is worth consideration these days. People choose a fit depending upon their body structure.

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