The type and the choice of clothes are made on the basis of occasion where they need to be worn. The wardrobe of a female will be loaded with clothes divided into sections and categories as per the occasions. However when it comes to menswear, one type of clothing that they will definitely have in each and every section of their wardrobe is a shirt. Be it is professional meetings, a formal party, or a regular day out, men find a shirt most comfortable to wear and carry.

Gone are the days when essential styling was not even an option for the men. But now men love to experiment with their dressing styles and do not hesitate in trying new styles and getting their boring shirts customized and portraying a fashionable look. More than any style or trend, most of the tailors and designers who work on the concept of made to measure dress shirts focus on the fitting. Even if you are wearing a regular looking shirt but if it is well fitted and properly stitched, you would surely look smart. Also, when the shirt is well fitted, you will stay comfortable all the time and that comfort will turn into confidence which will reflect in your personality.

One of the latest trends that have been introduced in the made to measure dress shirts is experimentation with the material. There are a lot of materials like rayon, linen, shimmer, etc that are being used by the designers to give the shirt an interesting look. After cotton, linen and rayon have made a huge place in the market because of the comfort level these materials provide. Also, implementing any kind of design becomes really simple in these materials and it has led to making these materials a hot favorite of the designers. The modification in various parts of the fabrics can be easily done in the custom made dress shirts while this is not possible in the tailor made shirts.

A lot of experimentation is being done with the colors of the made to measure shirts. Neon shades are highly used these days and even men who generally keep away from loud colors are not hesitating in trying these shades. Most of the designers will focus on choosing a color that matches the person’s skin tone. The bright colors are combined with varied prints and patterns for a unique look. Similarly, the crew neck, Chinese collar and the tuxedo shirts are considered to be in trend in context to the made to measure dress shirts.

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