When it comes to an e-commerce website, the design is very important. In fact, it could make or break a sale for you. From landing page to shopping cart, the user-friendliness of your site will have a direct effect on your sales.

When developing your website, no matter what type of site you are developing, it is important to always keep the user in mind. Put yourself in their shoes and decide if your website is easy to navigate and be sure that the checkout process is not complicated. There are a number of ways that you can improve your site. Here are some simple tips to help you turn your visitors into customers and improve your sales.

Visible Shopping Cart – When a customer adds an item to their cart, they should be able to see the cart and know that the item is in it. It is helpful to have a shopping cart with the number of items in it. This should always be visible on your website. This will also help get your customer to the checkout process because they will be able to easily click on their cart and complete their purchase.

In addition to having your shopping cart on your website at all times, it should be recognizable. Making it a different color will help it pop for visitors.

Add-to-cart Buttons - In addition to having to making the shopping cart visible to visitors, your add-to-cart buttons should also be very specific. For example, you want to use text like “Buy Now,” not “Learn More.” Being specific with your button has proven to have a more positive response.

Organization – The organization of your site is crucial to increasing your sales. Products should be easily found and a website visitor should get all of the information they need about the product right away. If your design is overwhelming and not easy to navigate through, a visitor is most likely to leave and go to another website.

Make Checkout As Simple As Possible - When a customer decides to start the checkout process, you want them to place their order quickly. Any distractions or difficulties might deter them from doing so. Ensure that your checkout process moves smoothy to capture that sale.

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