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Our kids will sadly never know the satisfaction of being able to slam the phone before spewing profanities to the person on the other end. And even though they can do the first part, the slamming part will definitely be out of the question, that is, if you don’t mind feeling some instant regret. We have technology to thank for that. New technology is no more like an exotic island it once was. It has now not only creeped into our homes but in many ways has become a part of the walls which hold it together. The following are some of the latest on new technology 2014.

Normal Earphones

In an era which comes pretty close to exceeding the sci-fi series of 20 years ago, it’s amazing how everyday nuances have been done away with (mostly!). All ears might look the same from outside but the truth is that no two sets of ears are exactly alike. In fact, those curves, flaps and crevices are as unique as our fingerprints. Normal Earphones (that’s the name of the brand) has taken this little known fact to heart and has designed in-ear earphones which they can craft exactly to the construct of our ear. No you won’t need to give a sample, you would however have to use a nifty little app which lets you take photographs of your ears so that they can do the rest. These designer earphones are built to fit only you, so buy them and feel special.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

The downside of buying the latest DSLR camera is that no matter which brand you go for, the body of the camera will be a bit weighty, be it because of the expensive plastic or the special lens, which means that the next time you get an opportunity to take that perfect shot, you will be running towards your home to wake up your high-tech gear sleeping in its specially designed gadget bag.

The Polaroid Socialmatic Camera in a way, changes the game by being so small you can easily slip it in the pocket of your skinny jeans. The inkless printing system allows you to print stickers of the sepia tinted images, which can be further customized on the 4.5” touchscreen. All set to roll out by the end of 2014, this camera is not for the serious photogs, but is totally hipster and very cool.

Panomo Panoramic Camera

If you’re looking for something a little more extreme than why not go for the Panomo Panoramic Camera. Just throw it in the air and get instant 360-degree photographs from all angles. A really nifty gadget as far as new technology 2014 goes, just try not to play catch!


Learning the guitar was a pain. If you’re all too familiar with sore fingers and not being able to remember that Metallica riff, just try the Gtar, the guitar features a LED multi-touch fret board and can be played via your iPhone. Along with the multi-purpose apps you also get real working frets and genuine strings to make you feel like a real Rockstar.

Windows Phone 8

What would the world be without cell phones, right? The recently launched Windows Phone 8.1 lets fans of Android and iOS have a taste of both worlds on one phone, or three a taste of three worlds if you count in Windows as well. The phone definitely provides you with the convenience of home computing on a mobile device.

Sony Playstation TV

This is a little something for the gamers. So, you have two TV sets, but only one PS4 that has got to suck? Not any more with the new Sony Playstation TV, users get to use Remote Play even if the console is in the other room apart from streaming of PS3 games over Playstation Now. Just make sure you’re in the room the TV’s in!

Ending Note

So if your hardware is still trailing stray bits of old-school technology, time to get yourself and update buy buying yourself one of the aforementioned gadgets and new technology of 2014.

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