When it comes to php web development there are many platforms that you can use to develop your site.One of the frameworks most commonly used in web development is WordPress.

WordPress is often automatically thought of as a blogging platform. While it was originally created for blogging, it has grown into a more robust platform that allows you to create fully functional responsive websites. One major benefit of WordPress is that it is extremely user friendly and easy to manage.

When working with WordPress, you can choose to use a template theme or create a custom theme. Amerald, one of the top php web development companies in Dallas recommends creating a custom theme for your website. You want to stand out from your competition and make sure you website engages each visitor while providing necessary information.

As a php web development Dallas, Amerald’s full-service team will provide you with custom layout designs. When creating the design, Amerald keeps your requirements in mind, while developing at site that is easy to navigate and informative for users. Having a site that is easy to navigate will ensure that more visitors are likely to remain on your site.

You can easily add features to your website through the many plugins offered by WordPress and Amerald can help you customize those features to best meet the needs of your company. The experts at Amerald are highly experienced in customized web development and strive to provide you with the most cost effective solutions that will help you generate ROI and improve sales.

In addition to being user-friendly, the php web development team at Amerald may also recommend WordPress because it is SEO friendly. WordPress is attractive to search engines which helps you increase your visibility to potential customers or clients. In addition, you can add necessary SEO plugins to help you make your site even more SEO friendly.

Amerald is focused on helping you improve your success. Their team is very professional and will work with you to understand your business and your website requirements. Don’t fall behind your competition by not having an up-to-date website. Contact the web development team at Amerald to get started. For more information on their web design and development services, visit their website at Amerald.com or call 214-461-0233. Their staff is ready and excited to work with you.

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