Did you know that e-commerce retail sales increased about 15% in 2014, while total retail sales only grew about 4%? More people are making purchases from their computer or mobile device. If you own a retail store, your Internet purchase can be crucial to the success of your business.

Launching an e-commerce site can be an intimidating task. If you are unfamiliar with website development, you want to hire an e-commerce website design company in Dallas. The right company will offer you e-commerce website solutions that will take your website ahead of the competition. One particular e-commerce website design company in Dallas is Amerald. Amerald is well-known for their website development especially in online stores.

When it comes to your e-commerce website, design is a major factor.The design should be easy to navigate, user-friendly, creative and original. When working with the team at Amerald, the designers will ensure that your website follows your company’s branding and speaks to your target audience.

At Amerald, the e-commerce website solutions team will help you determine the proper platform to build your site on such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce and more.Based on the features you require, the website professionals will integrate existing third party systems with your site including accounting systems, POS, CRM, Payment Gateways and more. At Amerald, the full-service team strives to ensure that your website helps improve both sales and your workflow.

When it comes to e-commerce website solutions, you always want to keep mobile in mind. Many Internet users now access websites using their smartphone. Your website should conform properly to mobile devices. If it does not, you could risk losing some potential customers. The website developers at Amerald can help by making sure your website is responsive.

They are also highly experienced at creating e-commerce mobile apps. They specialize in developing mobile apps for all devices including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. All e-commerce mobile appsare top of the line and up-to-date with the latest technology.

Taking your business online can be fast and simple when working with experts like those at Amerald. They will help contribute many creative ideas that can help improve your ROI and lead to your success. If you have not expanded your business to an online store, don’t wait any longer. Contact the team at Amerald by visiting their website at Amerald.com or call 214-461-0233 today.

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