Interactive whiteboard can enhance the classroom reading and learning and therefore it has proved to be of great help in academic institutions. The first type of interactive whiteboard was released around two decades ago. It provides emphasis on 21st century skills for students. The requirement of the proficiency of a tutor in technology is increasing day by day. Research documentation has increased the use of whiteboard adoption. An Interactive Whiteboard is believed to have the capability to combine a dry ease of whiteboard with an LCD projector and it is usually mounted in a wall or a floor stand. It has some type of software installed. The projector can help in projecting content from a computer to the surface of board when a teacher controls the content or the pointer of a projector. Teacher can easily point the finger on the board instead of using the mouse and keyboards. The combination of projector and software provide a projected image on the interactive whiteboard.

The interactive whiteboard is designed by using the concepts of electronics and it is a great for demonstrating anything in real life. In a survey, many technology teachers and specialist have reported that the board in staff development or computer class is to show student how to use a particular application. It is easy for a teacher to run the application from the board to any other location. The ability to write using a single fingerprint is to point out the important feature of the program. The interactive whiteboard has a major attraction that it is colorful so it makes easy for students to understand the points using different colors.

Tactile learners can benefit from touching and marketing the board. Audio learners have different advantages and it have different class discussion. It has visual learners to see what is taking place as it develops the board. Almost all ages of student respond favorably. Interactive whiteboards were used in the business initially; after they have gained popularity many young learners adopt this style of teaching. Teachers are using it in the library as well as students are teaching to their junior friends with the help of this learning aid.

Distance learning is an interactive tool for whiteboard use. Since they can be connected for a distance communication they have value to the users to work at more than one site at the same time. The interactive whiteboard acts as an excellent tool for constructive educator. They take it as a great mind tool to describe the applications of educator to encourage the use of technology to their critical thinking in students. It provides unique experience to teaching and group interaction. These types of products in all ways and forms surely prove that the style of academics and teaching is changing for good.

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